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Nails Extension

Great nails require a great nail technician. A great nail technician requires passion.

Acrylic Fullset    Starting $60+

Enjoy an extension set that will last up to 2 weeks. Acrylic Nails are the most commonly used on the market today. Acrylic nails are durable and strong. Acrylic nails should be filled every two weeks.

Acrylic Fullset Short Size           $60+

Acrylic Fullset Medium Size      $70+

Acrylic Fullset Long Size            $80+

Acrylic Fullset XL Size                $90+


Acrylic Refills                                $45+

Extra long nails and difficult, labor extensive, shapes are charge extra. Repair nails complete are extra. Please ask us for pricing.

Dipping Powder Fullset  $60+

The most popular, natural set of nails extension today.

Nails are dipped into color powder and become harden. This process eliminate applying the polish that goes on top and reduce the thickness of the nails to look as close to natural. Dipping powder come off like a shellac every 2-3 weeks that leave behind minimal nail damage. Dipping powder like the shellac, protect the weak nails by being a protective layers on top and help the natural nails to grow underneath. Unlike the shellac, dipping powder is much stronger and durable that it can withstand more wear. 

Dip Fullset Short Size           $60+

Dip Fullset Medium Size      $70+

Dip Fullset Long Size            $80+

Dip Fullset XL Size                $90+


gel-X Fullset    $65+

Thin, natural yet so durable.

UV Liquid gel Fullset    $85

Gel X Fullset Short Size           $65+

Gel X Fullset Medium Size      $75+

Gel X Fullset Long Size            $85+

Gel X Fullset XL Size                $95+


The most durable and the strongest form of nails extension.

UV Liquid Gel are extremely natural looking enhancement that is thin, clear, flexible, and non-yellowing. UV Liquid Gel are the most water resistance and will bond to the nails with minimal lifting. UV Liquid Gel nails are to be fill every two weeks.

UV Gel Fullset       $85


Refill                        $65

(---Add $10 extra for French Design)

(---Add $10 extra for Ombre Design)
(---Add $5 for any removal of older dipping set)

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